Rogge charge Enlargement Device 3

Category: Male Toys
Name: Rogge charge Enlargement Device 3
Model: PSRCED32740
Manufacturer: Adult CN


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This Rogge charge Enlargement Device 3 is enlargement device males increased as a fundamental attraction and pull through the vacuum pump, push the penis full of blood, and enhance the penis congestion function, so in the best moment of the penis congestion state, the potential to stimulate the penis and ultimately make your penis more coarse bigger and more powerful, transparent shell allows you to clearly see the changes of the penis, penis growth rate.

Manufacturer: Adult CN

Battery: Rechargeable 600mah lithium battery

Material: Silicone, ABS, TPR

Color: Blue

Texture: Smooth

Shape: Roundated

Length: 9.8 inches

Width: 2.8 inches

Function: Penis Pump

Feature: Easy to operate, Waterproof, High quality silicone, Powerful suction inhale pressure up to 0.8


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