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What are Anal Toys

Anal Toys are sex toys designed to boost anal pleasure. These type of sex toys helps people or person achieve anal sex more safely and efficiently. Studies shows that using an anal sex toy increased health longevity of men and greatly diminish the chance of acquiring HIV, STD's and prostate cancer, so by the use of anal sex toys it give more benefits and pleasure.

Anal sex toys can help you build your way up to anal intercourse, enhance your solo play, or add a new layer of sensation during sex with your partner.

Anal sex toys stimulate the nerve endings inside your anus. For penis owners, some anal sex toys are designed to stimulate the prostate. For vulva owners, anal sex toys can apply pressure to the anterior fornix erogenous zone, also known as the A-spot, located inside the vagina between the cervix and the bladder. Anal sex toys are typically made from a non-porous material like medical-grade silicone, glass, or stainless steel. When safely used, anal sex toys can bring an entirely new element to a sexual encounter or anal masturbation session, bringing you closer to an anal orgasm.

If you're curious about anal play, consider using one of these anal sex toys to explore different sensations in your sex life.

6 Types of Anal Sex Toys

1. Anal beads
2. Butt plugs
3. Anal dildos
4. Prostate massagers
5. Inflatable anal toys
6. Anal hooks
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