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What are Male Toys?

A male toy or a sex toy for men can be an artificial vagina for masturbation, penis enhancer such as sleeves, extensions and pumps, cock rings or sex dolls for artificial partner. These toys are designed to be used to enhance a partnered action, like blowjob strokers, double penetration dildos, or teledildonic butt etc. Like a masturbatory sleeve for example, like an artificial vagina, can be really helpful for a guy to learn what strokes really overstimulate him so he can train himself or help himself last longer when he is with a partner, or using a cock ring for example that helps him with his engorgement and helps him maintain an erection

90% of all Men masturbate, and 10% do it twice a day. It's a natural and a health beneficial act, not only it reduces your chances of getting prostate cancer, it also helps you pump more oxygen into your blood because it's a very good form of cardio exercise. Not only it reduces stress but a scientifically proven method of aiding sleep problems. These are just few good things of what masturbation can bring and there is nothing better than self sex where you can fantasize almost anyone and anywhere.

But 90% of do it by hand, there's nothing wrong about it, it's simple and instant. But don't you know that by using a male toy, fleshlight, masturbator, pocket pussy and other terms of Sex Toys for him intensifies a men's orgasms by a whopping 50%. There's nothing better than the feeling of having a real pussy during masturbation, and that can be achieve by using a masturbator. These sex toys are made of high quality cyber skin material that most of them are better than the real woman's vagina. It's like having the fantasy of your life! and there's no better sex toy to have your sex practice at all times, it's like preparing yourself for the bigger war (sex) that's ahead of you.