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Power Sleeve for Titan

Power Sleeve for Titan


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The Titan Power Sleeve is the ideal companion for those looking to increase their strength and stamina in bed. Designed to offer a supremely arousing experience, this sleeve, especially when combined with the vibration technology activated within the Titan, is sure to boost your ability to last longer and build tolerance to perform better with your partner.
  • Single Entry
  • Tight Fit
  • Pleasure You Beyond Your Wildest Fantasies
  • Waterproof


Brand Kiiro
Color Clear
Material TPE



The Feel Stroker is Kiiroo's first ever stroker designed with the most realistic sensations in mind. The skin-like material gives you the most pleasurable experience possible.

The Power Sleeve - for TITAN by KIIROO is ideal for those looking to increase their strength and stamina in bed. The Power Sleeve combined with TITAN by KIIROO's vibration technology will create a supremely arousing experience that will let you reach your peak performance.

The Power Sleeve Combine perfectly with TITAN by KIIROO powerful vibrations intensifying your masturbatory experience.  Choose the Power Sleeve, the Tight Fit, or both. Every model is designed to pleasure you beyond your wildest fantasies.

This product is intended for use with the TITAN by KIIROO device.
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