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SKYN Original Condoms

SKYN Original Condoms


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SKYN Original Non-Latex Lubricated condoms provide a Natural feeling experience with heightened sensitivity, while being safe and suitable for people with latex allergy and latex sensitivity.
  • Ultra Thin
  • High Reviews
  • Durable
  • Lubricated
  • Body Safe
  • U.S. FDA Approved


Brand Lifestyles
Color Transparent
Material Polyisoprene
Content 12pcs



SKYN Premium Polyisoprene Lubricated Condoms are made with SKYNFEEL material, a non-latex material that feels soft and natural, and provide an extraordinary sensitivity. These condoms easily stretch and conform to your shape so that they are comfortable to use. They're free from natural rubber proteins, making them a suitable choice for people with known or suspected latex allergy.

SKYNFEEL material: All SKYN condoms are made from SKYNFEEL material, a revolutionary non-latex material that provides you and your partner a truly intimate sexual experience with a skin-to-skin sensation. It feels so soft and comfortable, you can feel everything. 

All SKYN condoms are rigorously tested as to meet the highest safety standards and to offer protection against unwanted pregnancy and STIs.

Other Features:
  • All SKYN condoms come with no latex smell to heighten natural sensual experience
  • Straight walled with reservoir tip, 53mm nominal width, natural color
  • SKYN condoms are made of synthetic polyisoprene, it does not contain natural rubber latex and is a suitable choice for individuals with a known or suspected latex allergy
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