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Black and White Fox Tail Butt Plug

Black and White Fox Tail Butt Plug


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Black and White Fox Tail Butt Plug is the perfect plaything for those who have a fur fetish/fantasy. Add extra stimulation and new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression. Perfect for private parties or public conventions!
  • Firm yet flexible
  • Great for both men and women
  • Nickle Free


Brand OEM
Color Black, Blue, Pink, Purple
Material Faux Fur, Zinc Alloy
Insertable Length 2"



A tail plug may be the only thing that is missing from your bedroom games. Imagine a toy that can stimulate you and, at the same time, complement your pet play. Yes, this is what our tail plug is for!

To add some fun to your nights the best is an anal plug, and if it is one like this, with a long and silky tail much better. The plug itself has a rounded tip and body, with an elongated neck and a rounded base just before the start of the tail.

This fox tail plug comes with a very smooth and high end alloy plug. It has a pointy head and a fat mid-end design. The tip ensures smooth insertion into the anus. The mid-end design increases the entry resistance, so as to enjoy more sexual pleasure. The bottom is designed with a safety base. That way, you can penetrate without worrying about it getting lost in your anus.

Try something new if lifelike foxtails no longer unleash your inner beast. Feel like a playful vixen with this beautiful foxtail plug! Tail is made of superior fur, which is soft, comfortable and portable.

Get on your hands and knees and crawl toward your partner. Feel the weight of the plug inside your ass while the soft fur brushes against your buttcheeks. Whether you're a graceful vixen or a sneaky fox, this toy will bring out your sexual animalistic side.

Fox steel butt plug with faux fur tail perfect for BDSM role play. Soft tail feels amazing to touch and stroke swishes as you walk to sensual effect. Recommend to use with lube for better insert, and a whip to match for couple lover role game play.
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