Glow Industries has manufactured top-selling glass smoking accessories for more than a decade and broke into the adult toy market in 2002 by designing and producing intimate products and accessories out of the same high quality material under the Don Wands brand. Don Wands has since established itself as a leader in the adult novelty market offering top-notch products at competitive and economical price points.

Don Wands is known for its quality and care, using only borosilicate - known on the consumer market as Pyrex - to formulate its toys, providing unmatched resilience and safety to even the most enthusiastic user. And because borosilicate conducts heat and cold with ease, users can safely experiment with temperature play and experience new levels of intimate entertainment.

The brand's design lineup has grown exponentially from its initial seven styles and now provides one of the industry's largest varieties of adult glass insertables to consumers and retailers alike. There's an item to complement every consumer's sexual appetite, and Don Wands' creative research and development process never stops.