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Empowered Products continues to facilitate increased manufacturing efficiency via the purchase of high-end sample-pack production equipment. The company reports that it has now purchased a Starview EBS Series Blister Sealer machine for blister pack production of Empowered Products' two primary libido supplement brands; PINK® Elevate and GunOil® High Caliber. The machine is currently being utilized onsite at the company's Las Vegas, Nevada, bottling facility.

Empowered Products' management selected the Starview EBS Series Blister Sealer based on its multi-faceted functionality and an expected quick Return-On-Investment (ROI). The EBS Series runs paper-to-paper, plastic-to-plastic, skin packaging systems, roller die cutters, vacuum formers, pharma and food thermo sealers, and vacuum packaging w/wo gas and accommodates up to a 14" x 18" die.

Currently, Empowered Products is utilizing the machine for the production of both single and double packs of its supplements with plans to produce multi-serve packs – eventually leading to sample-pack production of some of its other wellness products under the popular PINK® and GunOil® trademark brands. Blister packs of this style consist of a carded backing with a clear, pre-formed plastic covering allowing the contents to be visually examined by the consumer and are typically offered at checkout counters of convenience stores, supermarkets, and various retail outlets.

The Starview EBS Series is expandable to accommodate automated feeds and off-loader functionality and can store and manage up to 200 programs with auto-count and store-run features enabling Empowered Products to produce up to 60 blister packs per cycle or around 1,200 packs per hour. The company reports that the cost of the machine was $21,800 with an expected Return-On-Investment (ROI) of just 1.5 production runs.