OhMiBod are dealers in the art of self pleasure and creators of the original Music Vibrator

Naming the product was a blast. We sent a list of possible names to 200 people and asked them to participate in an online Zoomerang Survey to choose the best. "OhMiPod" was the clear favorite with everyone. Except, er, the folks at Apple, who suggested (very politely) that we might want to consider other alternatives.

Based on this input, we've decided to go with OhMiBod. Which, when you think about it is even better than the previous choice. After all, it isn't really about the MP3 player is it? We wanted our logo to reflect the sophisticated elegance of the product itself. But somehow, the name alone just wasn't enough. We needed a little something extra, that special touch. What we needed was an icon that would be instantly recognizable. Something that would immediately communicate pleasure and that, in addition to exuding sexuality, would convey the fun, lighthearted personality of the OhMiBod brand. That's when we hit upon our provocative iconic "spokes model," who we affectionately call Suki.

Suki embodies the collective personality of our customers and everyone else with an open, honest attitude toward sexuality and personal pleasure. She's a symbol of liberation, reflecting new and progressive attitudes of the young and the young at heart. People who are comfortable with their bodies, know what feels good and who, not only aren't afraid to admit it, are empowered to go after it.

As an icon, Suki represents an ideal. Not the physical ideal. But rather, the ideal way we should feel about ourselves and our sexuality. Although few of us are blessed with a body as perfect as Suki's on the outside, on the inside, we should all be like her... proud of our bodies, confident in expressing our needs, and free to satisfy our desires.