OMYSKY was established in May 2013 in Shanghai, China, and now has expanded globally and has set up several branches. For example, branches have been set up in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The company has a dedicated R&D team and has established a good partnership with Super Eagle, a classic Taiwanese gender erotic brand, to achieve creative sharing and R&D experience sharing.OMYSKY brand inherits the product development and quality control experience of Super Eagle for more than twenty years, thus forming a rigorous, replicated, and attitudinal value. We insist on aesthetic design, use exquisite craftsmanship, and provide higher cost performance so that every customer can have a good sex life and bring better sensual enjoyment.

OMYSKY uses the organic fusion of technology and fashion, and every detail of the product is integrated with fine manufacturing and craftsmanship, so it can better simulate the user's sexual desire experience. It can bring more pleasure and confidence to customers.

We believe that in a society with love and warmth, it will be easier to accept positive knowledge and good thoughts, and will know more about tolerance and devotion. On the road of love, we hope more excellent talents will join our team to provide customers with better quality products.