Discover innovative health and bodycare products and see why Pjur products are so popular.

pjur is "healthy and pure"
As the name suggests, pjur group provides the highest-quality health and body care products to more than 50 countries all over the globe. In 1994, the company - helmed by Alexander Giebel - started selling personal lubricants throughout Germany. And even though today its headquarters are in Luxembourg production still takes place in Germany. pjur group quickly expanded into other international markets, and although personal lubricants had already been used by the ancient Romans, pjur was the first producer to develop a silicone lubricant. This phenomenal product established pjur as one of the most popular companies in this segment.

Natural diversity
During the next few years, pjur group continuously increased its product range and turned the brand name into an exclusive, internationally recognized label. Today, the company has branches and partner companies in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Moscow, and various other cities around the world. The company chooses its distribution partners with great care and high standards. The current product range includes more than 40 health and body care products grouped together in six different categories, the focus being on lubricant and massage gels that are available in both, water-based and silicone-based formulations. The latest additions and the future entries in the pjur med line contain all-natural ingredients and cater to modern, health-conscious consumers. This comprehensive product range includes condoms, stimulation and delay products, and a line of hygiene products called med clean.

Safe pleasure
Every pjur product is made to combine pure pleasure with purity and quality. To that end, pjur group does not use any flavourings or colourants in the production process. The entire product range is dermatologist tested and subject to strict quality and safety management, abiding by the highest German criteria. That is what the pjur brand stands for - reliability and quality "made in Germany", no matter where on the planet these products are used. The yellow dot on the products is a badge of quality and a promise to the consumer. The German consumer magazines ÖKO-Test and Stiftung Warentest gave pjur med Repair and pjur Aqua their highest ratings "Very Good".

Quality is top priority for pjur. This approach is reflected in all areas of the company as well as in the production, refinement, and shipping of the pjur products. These products are a symbol of a modern lifestyle for health-conscious consumers who want both fun and safety. Millions of customers all over the world trust the reliability and the safety of these quality products. "Made in Germany" is not only a badge of quality, it is a statement. pjur products also distinguish themselves through innovation and exclusiveness. The foundation for this success is laid in research. For instance, pjur developed the first delay spray to be launched internationally that did not include lidocaine or benzocaine. The long list of pjur group innovations also includes the double effect body glides that offer a strong additional effect due to the use of natural active ingredients such as gingko, ginseng, and jojoba.

Corporate goals
pjur group is constantly growing and wants to be the first choice for consumers and business partners alike. The company's goal is to expand its network of international business relations and to gain a foothold in new markets. Therefore, pjur is looking for new partners, while at the same time expanding its product range. Innovative research and strategic planning have enabled pjur to cater to the different needs of consumers and create new buying incentives for their products. Producing products of the highest quality and setting new standards is the main objective of pjur group now and for the future. The increase in turnover contributes to an increase of the overall enterprise value, and that makes pjur group an even more appealing business partner.

pjur products are available in pharmacies, online shops, and erotic stores.