Secretly Pink is a unique company that utilizes education together with romance and passion. Their exceptional products are designed to bring couples to a higher level of intimacy.

They are dedicated to developing products that are fun, educational, sexually enhancing, safe and packaged to intrigue and not embarrass or offend women. Their customers will see this in all of their products and packaging.

Their best-known product line is "Tickle Her", a line of enhancing fun stimulating gels and "Ultimate Orgasm Kits" coupled with unique educational guides. These Kits educate both men and women on how to use toys to their full potential with their multi-language guidebooks and stimulating gels.

They test their product concepts extensively during consumer trade shows all over the North America, determining if products are going to appeal to consumers. They also host product focus groups to learn more about what women want and do not want in products.

Pow Products is also a sexual health and wellness company. They focus on quality, making sure that every product they offer in the marketplace measures up to their strict standards. When you see the Pow Products logo on a product, you can be confident you are investing in a quality product that is backed by a 100% guarantee!