The company was founded in 1981 and is now one of the world's largest erotic items suppliers. A fact that fills both founders, Adrian Schneider und Werner Tiburtius, with pride – not just because they had the right idea at the right time.

Rather because with hard work, an almost disciplinarian, strict demand for quality and a large dose of passion, they built something that has been growing constantly until now and still continues to expand.

In an industry that is breathtakingly large and is always serving new demands, one must not only have a finger on the pulse of the times, but also know how to interpret it. One must be in close contact with the world and its erotic desires, all the more so as a wholesale merchant developing its own product line.

Since 2008, ST RUBBER has been developing its own brands. SToys, which started as a fresh and affordable line specially designed for young women, has developed over the years into an extensive product line-portfolio. And we are nowhere close to being finished! Trends, desires of the customer, and of course also gaps in the market are always inspiring us to introduce our customers to our own brand of yet more good and cost effective toys and other little helpers.

The standard that we set for our work is high. This pays off. For one thing, our customers are always being offered the best in terms of price-performance ratio, quality and service. And also for us, most notably when public recognition follows.

The distinctions that we have been awarded over the years, such as for example, "Best Customer Service", "Best Male Brand", or also "Best Wholesale Company of the Year", show us that we did everything right and that we should continue in this way.

And because in Spring 2016, our Brand MALESATION was nominated for the renowned XBIZ-AWARD in the category of "Male Pleasure Products Company of the Year", this confirms for us that we can never let our ambition and passion be extinguished.

For our customers.

For the most beautiful necessity in the world.