Voodoo's unique design was inspired by the female empowerment movements of the late 60's (The Summer of Love) and 70's.

The name "Voodoo" is inspired by African derived spiritual practice. We value the beauty and emphasis that Voodoo has on the worship of the feminine divine. Female sensuality is the center of creation. Where the female pleasure center is seen as the ultimate truth, where life is formed. 

Voodoo is a sex-positive sexual wellness company that believes in creating a safe space to celebrate inclusivity and expression across race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, and identity. We stand for sex positivity, self-exploration, and sexual freedom.

The feminine divine celebrates the euphoria state of pleasure. The noble act of putting yourself first is the greatest tribute to you. 

We've taken the combined knowledge and experience of our talented design team and created a small range of the ultimate bedroom toys, designed to put the user in control of their own pleasure, and help them explore their own desires.
Whether this is your first foray into adult play, or you're a little more experienced, we promise Voodoo's toys will leave you satisfied every time.