Trigg Laboratories Inc and its Wet Personal Lubricants. Founded in 1989 By Michael Trigg.

All Wet products are created to meet the highest industry standards. We carry a large variety of personal and flavored lubricants, flavored heating massage lotions and aromatherapy heating massage oils. We sell to multiple channels of distribution novelty/boutique stores and pharmacy chains to get our top-of-the-line products into your hands and your lives.

Trigg Laboratories continues to grow, innovate and more importantly listen to our customers. Not only do we listen, we HEAR what you are saying and input drives us to strive harder to develop new and unique products that deliver the high quality lubricants that you have come to expect.

We believe that companies are like individuals, each creating their own Karma. Giving back has been paramount to us since our inception. Through our charitable giving program, we contribute to the work of more than 300 non-profit organizations worldwide.

Thanks to the support of our customers and the hard work of our employees, our company sales continue to expand and we experience double-digit growth EVERY YEAR!

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