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Topco Sales

Asylum Multiple Personality Mask

Asylum Multiple Personality Mask


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Zippered eyes and zippered mouth in different combinations create multiple personalities. 100% spandex mask allows patient to breathe even when eyes and mouth are fully zipped.
  • Small / Medium in Size
  • Multiple Personality Mask
  • Stretchy
  • Breathable
  • For Men and Women


Brand Topco Sales
Color White
Material Spandex
Length 16"
Width 9"



For patient suffering from multiple personality disorder. With one eye closed shut and one eye open, the patient shows a personality ... With both eyes open, there is a completely different emotion. Half closed mouth is one identity, fully closed is another...

Erotic mask, perfect for those who appreciate the pleasures of domasochism. This fetish mask has 3 zippers, a great attraction that will catch everyone's attention.

It is the best option for those looking to get excited about the practice of sadomasochism, with a very beautiful and comfortable mask.

Stretch material closed mask with built-in zippers at the eyes and mouth. The mask allows the skin to breathe even when the zippers are closed. Neck drape can be worn over collar or it can be tied at base of neck. Invisible zipper on back of mask.

Hand wash is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees. After washing without twisting the product, hang it to dry naturally.
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