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Zero Tolerance

Blow Ups Interracial Cuckold Doll Set

Blow Ups Interracial Cuckold Doll Set


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You have always fantasized about walking in on your girlfriend to find her wrapped around a strapping black man, and now is your chance to make the dream cum true! She is white hot and he is cool black, with a dong that really inflates!

  • Triple Entry
  • 2 Inflatable Dolls


Brand Zero Tolerance
Color Beige, Brown
Material ABS



If (or, should we say when) that craving for a perfect, stress-free threesome hits, Zero Tolerance has you and possibly your partner covered with a great two piece doll set ready to play, and ready to play hard.

There are two full sized love dolls included, one a busty blonde MILF type and the other a handsome black dreamboat. She's got an eager mouth, butt and pussy ready for you, and he has a satisfying inflatable cock. Share with a playmate or keep them all to yourself. In either case, setting the mood beforehand is easy with an included adult DVD, make your hottest cuckold fantasy come alive while you watch the included DVD. Bonus - the stars match your new dolls!

And of course you can join in the fun and make it a threesome, enjoying all the holes available for the taking!
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