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Breast Pump Enlarge with Twin Cup

Breast Pump Enlarge with Twin Cup


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Girls are often dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror. A common cause of discontent - a small breast size. Dual vacuum pump for automatic breast is a safe way to get rid of complexes and receive a gift of a lot of pleasant sensations.
  • Electric Air Pump
  • Let your breast balance
  • New design
  • Twin flanged cups for superior suction
  • Smooth


Brand OEM
Color Pink
Material ABS
Battery AA
Length 4.3"
Width 4"



Enjoy suction play, increase sensitivity, and enlarge your breasts! This high quality acrylic breast pump kit is quick to assemble and easy to use. Simply place the pump cups over your breasts, squeeze the included hand pump, and pump your breasts to the desired level. Just pull the release valve when you are ready to break the suction.

Make your breast big up and let your breasts become warped up. Breast enlargement of breast breast enhancement new concept, according to the principle of female physiology, vacuum negative pressure therapy methods, increase the chest muscles, promote blood flow and directly reflect movement, stimulate the pituitary gland secretion, balance the ovaries to produce female hormones, directly make a breast cavernous expansion, make flat, small breast plump forceful in a short time.

By generally recognized the most effective and safe medicine physical reflection principle of implants. Is the center of the breast, nipple is the entire breast blood circulation regulation center, is the entire breast nerve center at the same time, the product through a variety of stimuli, the nipple will not head effect, by inside and outside stimulate your nipples, arouse a series of chain reaction, let him to stimulate your body every cell.

With long-term use of this product will allow the breast to increase, acquire sensitivity and elasticity. In addition, the double vacuum pump is often used to improve the blood supply to the breast. Automatic pump breast pump and includes a special straps that attach to the body.
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