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Sportsheets International Inc.

Door Jam Sex Sling

Door Jam Sex Sling


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Strong, durable, and highly adjustable for your most creative sexual endeavors! With the Door Jam Sex Sling, Sportsheets has designed a solution that empowers couples to experiment with exciting new positions without worries about stamina, awkwardness, or injuries.
  • Sex Swing
  • Adjustable / Padded
  • Versatile


Brand Sportsheets International Inc.
Color Black
Material Nylon
Length 69.5"



Spice things up with this exciting Sex Sling! Whether you and your partner are looking to expand your toy collection with something unique, or you are specifically looking for something to aid in sex positioning, this convenient sling is sure to satisfy.

Try zero-gravity lovin' with this fun-tastic door jam sex sling. Just throw the metal bars over the door, close it and jump right into the action, trying the entire row of wildly erotic positions you always wanted to try. With sturdy straps and a comfy seat supporting you 100%, there is no limit to your pleasure. Arm up with Kama Sutra and master all the positions together with your bae.

The Door Jam Sex Sling from Sportsheets helps angle your hips to target your G-spot during sex. Padded seat pivots for access at any angle. Foot support straps and hand grips provide ultimate leverage. Padded seat, foot supports, and hand grips allow you to create new positions and sensations.

Just secure the sling over your door by closing it on the dowels and adjust each of the straps to the perfect lengths for your bodies and chosen position. The footrests, hand straps, and a padded seat ensure comfort during your most vigorous carnal explorations. When you're both satisfied, this sling is easy to take down and store away for next time!

Supports up to 325 lbs. No installation required, perfect for travel!

Note: This sling should be used with a solid door. Not recommended for use with a hollow door.
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