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Dual Vibrating Rings Tongue Style

Dual Vibrating Rings Tongue Style


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This vibrator is for the best. A tight shaft ring, and an additional ring to wrap around the balls for the ultimate in vibrating stimulation.
  • Multi-Speed
  • Waterproof
  • Shape is Roundated
  • Texture is Smooth


Brand Aphrodisia
Color Pink, Purple
Material ABS, TPE
Battery LR41
Length 3"
Width 2"



Not only will you last longer in the bedroom, but your partner and yourself are going to love these vibrations. You want to last longer in bed? GET A COCK RING. You want to feel a vibrating sensation on your penis and balls while you last longer in bed? GET THIS COCKRING. You like the colour purple? THIS COCKRING WAS MADE FOR YOU! This cockring is perfect for last longing sex with extra sensations and stimulation through the added vibrations.

Forget all the mumbo-jumbo you've heard about pills and secret herbs, this cock ring is proven to give you a boost in size and keep you going longer than ever! Inner ring hugs your penis to enhance your girth. Outer ring fits around your balls to help delay ejaculation. Vibrator stimulates her clit with every thrust

The secret to this cock ring's success lies in its special dual ring design. The inner ring fits snugly around the base of your penis. This tight-fit limits blood flow to and from your shaft ? resulting in extra girth so you can fill up your lover like never before! The outer ring is larger so you can fit your balls through it with a little stretching. By restricting the base of your sack, the ring helps delay ejaculation so you can break your old record and leave your lover breathless!

The bullet vibrator slips easily inside the top of the cock ring ? sending vibrations directly to her clit with every thrust. And since the bullet sex toy is removable, you can even use it to add vibrating thrills to your other sex toys.
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