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Electro Sex Kit

Electro Sex Kit


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With this electro-stimulation kit you can explore the incredible power of e stimulation and enjoy a range of pulsating speeds, from a light tingle to a powerful throb. This kit includes an attractive hand held power control and four adhesive pads that will be applied to the skin to create that amazing electric sensation.
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Latex-Free
  • Body-Safe
  • LCD Display
  • Smooth
  • Non-Phallic


Brand Baile
Color White
Material ABS
Battery AAA
Length 2.6"
Width 1.6"



The Electro Sex Kit is specially recommended for beginners who want to get acquainted with electro sex pampering. Electric generator with LCD display, with which we can stimulate parts of the body safely with weak electrical impulses, with several rhythms and forces.

This toy is the ideal sex toy for beginners to explore with and will provide no end of tingling pleasure. Perfect for muscle and nerve stimulation, this toy will provide all over electric massage for both relaxation and erotic pleasure. With an innovative design to multiply the pleasure, is very simple to use electric generates small muscles that stimulate giving waves of pleasure, works for both sexes, give your sex life in a drum with this Electro Sex Kit.

The numb feeling of electric shock has made your lover excited. Three parts: breasts, clitoris, and vagina have a fluttering feeling when they call at the same time. This product is low frequency current, absolutely safe.

An electro-stimulator consisting of 4 electrodes, 4 pads (4.3 cm by 6.8 cm), connecting wires and a control panel. The control panel regulates the current strength and pulse length. It can be used according to your desire, stimulating any erogenous zones. Reusable pads should be applied to the cleansed surface of the skin, select the program and the stimulation should start immediately. Within the programs, the intensity and speed of the impulse can be regulated gradually.
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