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Fleshjack Boys Austin Wilde

Fleshjack Boys Austin Wilde


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The God of Love himself couldn't create a better or tighter experience for Austin's exclusive texture. Featuring a tight ribbed shaft with scattered nubs for your anal exploration thrills, every ride with Austin Wilde will be more special than the last!
  • Single Entry
  • Phthalates and Latex-Free
  • Waterproof
  • Real Feel Super Skin
  • Comes with Free Sample of Flesh Lube
  • Special Cap That Can Be Moved to Open and Closed to Fit its Natural Suction Depending on Your Preference


Brand Fleshjack, Fleshlight
Color Flesh
Material SuperSkin
Orifice Butt, Mouth
Length 9.75"
Insertable Length 8.5"



Austin Wilde is known for bringing a sense of masculine realness back into gay porn. As the owner (and one of the models) for adult production company Guys in Sweatpants, Wilde often sports a cocky grin and a relaxed posture. It's almost like he's simply happy to be there and happy to make you feel good. His facial scruff, hairy chest, and buff body prove he's a man's man who isn't afraid to really show his wild side and get a little sweaty.

If you've ever fantasized about getting to fuck Austin Wilde's tight ass now is your chance! If you've ever fantasized about getting to fuck Austin Wilde's tight ass, now is your chance! Molded from the actor himself! Includes Austin Wilde Fleshjack butt sleeve with wavy canal interior texture and a powder blue Fleshjack case.

The Fleshlight cases rigid construction allows it to be placed for handsfree use in a variety of places - between a mattress, pillows, couch cushions, almost anywhere imaginable. The removable open-ended insert can be taken out and rinsed to clean, and once dry, can be slipped back in for the next use. The end of the fleshlight features a special endcap that can be twisted open or closed to vary natural suction as the user moves in and out.

While Austin Wilde is known more for being a passionate, dominant top during his scenes, he's always up for a good challenge. You'll be able to have sex with Austin Wilde and show him a good time with our two Fleshjack molded after his gorgeous mouth.
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