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Hugo by Lelo

Hugo by Lelo


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HUGO is a powerful remote-controlled prostate massager made by LELO with a mission to give you a chance to experience a new type of intimate satisfaction. This sleek pleasure object deeply stimulates your prostate, while a secondary motor in the base stimulates the perineum for an absolutely overwhelming experience.
  • Two Vibrating Motors in the Base and Tip for Double the Pleasure
  • Motion-controlled and With More Options Than Standard Remote-controlled Prostate Massager
  • Perfect Vibrating Prostate Massager for Intense Pleasure During Solo or Coupled Play
  • Made for Long Term Satisfaction
  • From a Teasing Murmur to a Satisfying Pulse
  • Wireless Controls for Adventurous Pleasure
  • Premium Silicone That Feels Warm to the Touch
  • Perfect for the Bath and Shower


Brand Lelo
Color Black, Deep Rose, Ocean Blue
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 4.1"
Insertable Length 3.4"
Width 0.4"



HUGO is a luxurious remote control prostate vibrator representing an entirely new approach to male pleasure, whether as a coupled or solo play. Its sleek and smooth design makes it an ideal sex toy to achieve bigger, better, and even hands-free orgasms. If you're ready to experience a powerful and unmatched prostate stimulation, HUGO will serve your every need.

HUGO is a remote-controlled prostate massager with eight pleasure settings suitable for coupled or solo play. With two powerful motors in the base and tip, HUGO has a sleek and smooth design perfectly formed for bigger, better, and even hands-free orgasms. Its medium size makes it suitable for all body types and enables you to indulge whenever you feel like it.

Apply a generous amount of Personal Moisturizer on HUGO, and make yourself comfortable. Insert HUGO, breathing deeply until it feels comfortable. Power ir on. Switch through different settings until you've found the perfect intensity and enjoy a longer and more powerful climax.
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