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Joana Angel Lady

Joana Angel Lady


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Inspired by Joanna's punk-rock personality and her plethora of tattoos, the Misfit texture will take you on a wild ride. Push past four micro-ribs to enter a lotus node full of teeth, bumps, and nubs. Next, a wonder wave chamber narrows into a wavy canal unlike anything you've ever felt before!
  • Single Entry
  • Phthalates and Latex-Free
  • Waterproof
  • Real Feel Super Skin
  • Special Cap That Can Be Moved to Open and Closed to Fit its Natural Suction Depending on Your Preference


Brand Fleshlight
Color Flesh
Material SuperSkin
Orifice Pussy
Length 9.5"



Known as one of the founders of alt porn, Joanna Angel loves doing the unexpected and believes in keeping her fans on their toes. After watching the popularity of the Suicide Girls grow, she decided that she could do something similar and something better. She launched her own website called Burning Angel that showed her amazing tattoos and a great body as she engaged in fun with both men and women. Her website eventually became so popular that she starred in a film based on the site before fully launching her porn career.

One thing that sets Joanna Angel apart from all the other starlets out there is her willingness to push the limits and the boundaries of what others did in the past. She doesn't hide her tattoos behind makeup the way other actresses do but instead embraces the ink and makes it part of her act. Angel has tattoos covering nearly her entire right arm, down her back, and on both legs. She believes that those tattoos helped make her a star.

"If you have a product that's interesting enough, then people will come to you", she told one reporter while talking about her tattoos and her performances. It's clear that her fans feel the same way as they turned out in droves to watch her film and television appearances.

Often called an emo or punk rock princess, Joanna Angel is also a writer who wrote a chapter in a book about feminism and ran her own sexual advice column. Both AVN and XRCO added the punk rocker into their Hall of Fame inductions for her contributions to the industry.

With a completely unique and different look that sets her apart from all other actresses, partnering with Fleshlight was an easy choice for Joanna Angel. The Misfit Lovers Pack, which comes with two lady sleeves and some fun accessories, is one of her favorites. This set lets you finally have sex with Joanna Angel without appearing on film.

Pink lips part slightly at the entrance to welcome you inside, and once you do slide inside, you'll find an intense sensation that grips you in all the right places and urges you to go as deep as you can. Designed to make you feel like you're on one of the wildest rides of your life, it has tiny nubs inside that Angel calls micro nubs. Each one rolls across your cock in a way that will send shivers up your spine.
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