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Lover’s Super Strap Universal Harness

Lover’s Super Strap Universal Harness


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Fully adjustable, totally comfortable universal harness is perfect for use with any detachable probe.2 inch snap ring allows stability and ease-of-use. Waist and thigh straps are adjustable with the waist going up to 64 inches.
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Perfect for Use with Any Detachable Probe
  • Fully Adjustable Waist up to 64 Inches and Thigh Straps
  • Safe and Pure for Body and Pleasure
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Non-Toxic


Brand Calexotics
Color Black
Material Nylon
Length 64"



Strap yourself in to the Lover's Super Strap Universal Harness and embrace all of the hot role play possibilities that ensue. This comfortable harness is perfect for use with any detachable probe. Beginners can slip in a petite starter probe to explore new heights of pleasure for the first time. Advanced role-players will love the option to strap in a thicker probe to stretch their ecstasy to new limits.

The harness allows for endless creativity and a sexy silhouette that will leave you feeling like a goddess…and your lover lusting hungrily after the pleasure probe between your legs.

Role reversal can be a powerful aphrodisiac as you explore new dynamics and harness the power you've been craving in a whole new way. Relinquish control to your partner and explore the delicious freedom of trusting another with your body…or take the dominant role and experience the rush of penetrating your partner and enjoying their body in new and sensual ways.

The harness features a snap ring for stability and simple use. Its fully adjustable waist (up to 64 inches!) and thigh straps ensure a sexy and comfortable fit to flatter every body type. It's made of nylon, cotton, and PVC to make probing your partner comfortably a breeze.
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