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Luxury Fetish Collar with Leash

Luxury Fetish Collar with Leash


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The heavy-duty croc collar features a soft plush liner that feels great against the skin and a thick belt-like strap that easily adjusts to fit most sizes.
  • Body Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Nickel-Free
  • Metal Chain with Cinch Strap
  • Soft Fabric Cover Sponge Material


Brand Aphrodisia
Color Black, Pink, Red
Material PU, Vinyl



Explore the ultimate pet role playing fantasies with this luxurious Collar & Leash. Attach the metal leash to the square gold eyelet to ensure that your favorite pet won't escape any time soon.

Luxury Fetish Collar with Leash ÿis one of the most popular sex toys in Australia along with the rest of the world. It features a stylish leather posture collar with an O ring at the front for attaching a restraint. Moreover, it can also be left for decorative purposes. It is phthalates-free and made of skin-friendly soft materials. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your sexual life with your intimate partner in an unusual way. Thus, you can spice-up your sexual life using this toy as per your specific requirements.

Adjustable synthetic leather collar with metal guide.ÿIt is ideal for submission and delivery fantasies, it is buckled and has a guide for tours and commands.ÿBring your love on a leash!
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