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Luxury Fetish Eye Mask

Luxury Fetish Eye Mask


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Passionate no peeking eye mask is a fabulous fetish toy that keeps the intensity of partners during foreplay, thus enhances the sex game.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Elegant Design
  • Eco-Friendly


Brand Aphrodisia
Color Black, Pink, Red
Material PU, Vinyl
Length 7.4"
Width 2.3"



Keep your partner on their toes by making them curious of what you are going to do next. Show them what its like to have their sight cut off allowing their sense of touch to be heightened. Demonstrate what it is like to feel rather then see. This will be one wild night. Have their body gasping with pleasure as you serenade them whilst their sense of sight is cut off.

It helps couples to have more intense feeling of fun! Buy it and take a look at how erotic sex game is because even a light sensation under your skin can give you intense feeling of lust. Play hide your identity so that you do mischief and behave badly with this bright mask, your partner will never forget it. The Blindfold with special design that prevents peeking. Glossy, faux leather texture adds a touch of luxury while being vegan friendly. Wide elastic band is very comfortable and fits most sizes.
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