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Midget-Man Condom

Midget-Man Condom


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Explore your wild side and stay protected at the same time!
  • Mini Condom
  • Made From Ultra Fine Latex for a Great Natural Feel
  • Helps Prevent Pregnancy and Protects Against STIs
  • 100% Electronically Tested


Brand Pipedream
Color Latex
Content 1pc



Midget Man Condom. He is a grower! Not a shower! Perfect for pint sized peckers.

Condoms are essential for safe sex and use with your sex toys, and they're even great for masturbation! We carry a large selection for you to choose from, including flavored options, sampler packs, and sizes to fit all.

Outside of abstinence, condoms are the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. We strongly encourage that they be worn during all sexual activity, including oral and anal sex. Of course, condoms aren't just for safe sex. They can be used with men's and women's sex toys, too, which makes clean-up easy.
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