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Mona Wave by Lelo

Mona Wave by Lelo


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The Orgasm To End All Orgasms. The world's first G-Spot stimulator to offer wave upon wave of intense sensation. MONA Wave represents a completely new way to think of your orgasms.
  • A G-Spot Stimulator That Surges Within You for an Unforgettable Sensation
  • Full-bodied Form Curls Up and Down Rhythmically to Bring You Intense Pleasures
  • Enjoy Powerful Stimulation From the Perfectly-curved Body for a Flawless Climax
  • It's All About Unlocking the G-spot Orgasm for Every Woman
  • From a Teasing Murmur to a Satisfying Pulse
  • Perfect for the Bath and Shower
  • Longer Time for Pleasure
  • Premium Silicone That Feels Warm to the Touch


Brand Lelo
Color Black, Deep Rose, Midnight Blue
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 7.7"
Insertable Length 5.1"
Width 2.1"



Embrace the intensity and open new and profound pathways to self-pleasure with MONA Wave g spot toy. Allow it to ebb and flow within you like a lover's fingers beckoning you toward an almost unbearably intense G-spot orgasm. Surrender to its impeccable design and ride the pleasure waves whenever you sense the urge.

MONA Wave represents a completely new way to think of your orgasms. It falls and rises within you like a lover's fingers, leading you toward an intense G-spot orgasm. MONA Wave is completely waterproof and features 8 different pleasure settings for deep sensual exploration.

Slow it down, speed it up, until your body shakes and your climax overwhelms you. Begin to explore yourself, your body, your senses. Listen to your body, guide your hands. Let your anticipation build. Imagine teasing and spoiling yourself, how good it will feel.
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