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Nalone Fi Fi Massager

Nalone Fi Fi Massager


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Fifi's unique design allows you to intensely stimulate your nipples for more pleasurable stimulation. t is importantly designed with twin tips; which allows the vibrator have a total hold on the clitoris of the user. The hold it has on the clitoral region is such that it guides you to an explosive eruption, alongside its very powerful vibrations.
  • Multi-Vibration Mode
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Heat Conduction
  • Ultra Quiet Motor


Brand OEM
Color Pink, White
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 3.5"
Width 2"



A compact and portable intimate massager. Treat yourself to pleasure outside of sensitive areas with a breast and clitoris massage using the Nalone Fifi vibrator. Ergonomically designed for maximum contact, this compact sex vibrator is capable of enveloping your clitoris with powerful vibrations and delivering you to the most intense orgasm you've ever experienced. tasted. The powerful rechargeable motor and smooth silicone design combine beautifully to stimulate the clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zone.

Perfect for erotic stimulation anywhere on the body, with Fifi's pincer-like silicone design for quiet yet powerful vibrations wherever you direct them. Focus attention on your nipples, clitoris, and inner thighs, or share in the joy and caress of your lover's sweet spots to send their heart rate soaring.

With an extremely handy rechargeable battery design, this is a high-end sex toy that you should have. Just plug the charging cord into Nalone Fifi and the other end into the phone or laptop charger, you can quickly charge the product. By charging this battery, you will save a large amount of money on buying batteries and also help protect the environment.

With its compact size, it is easy to hold and can be easily carried anywhere you want. Being able to hold the product easily in the hand, this is a suitable foreplay toy for every couple in the bedroom. You can use Fifi as a clitoris massager and G-spot to stimulate the female's highest libido so that when making love she can reach orgasm more easily. If you masturbate alone, you can use additional tools such as a dildo, a lubricant to increase female pleasure to add excitement.

User-friendly LED buttons give you complete control over the arrangement of your orgasms through 7 speeds and vibration patterns. Plus, it has USB charging capability to ensure reliable and eco-friendly power.
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