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Nalone Roma Massager

Nalone Roma Massager


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A compact and unique intimate massager. The cool metallic body combines with a flexible silicone head to allow you to experience a different type of intimate stimulation.
  • Multi-Vibration
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Fast Heat Conduction


Brand OEM
Color Purple
Material ABS, Aluminum
Battery AA
Length 5"
Width 1"



Introducing new travel-sized intimate companion from Nalone called Roma. Perfect for those who like to travel a lot, but still have their favorite naughty toy with them at any time. Elegant design with mighty preferences makes Roma a perfect and sensual pick for users of all kinds.

Nalone Roma Body is made of glossy metal with a silicone head joint, both safe for your health and, of course, all of your private regions. Its length measures 13 centimeters, while its circumference is 9 centimeters. Compact like this it can be used for an everyday solo adventure or for a steamy foreplay with your partner. The controls are really simple with only one push button that goes through 10 different modes with 6 speeds ready for any kind of need. It runs on a simple one AA battery that can be recharged at any time and used for hours.

Roma is waterproof meaning you could expand your pleasure territory to whole another dimension and use it under the shower, in the bath or even while you are in the ocean for instance. The massager doesn't contain any latex so even users with allergies and sensitive skin can use it freely.

Indulge in sensationally quiet-yet-powerful vibrations with this travel-size massager. Crafted from glossy metal and joined by a flexible silicone neck, the wand vibrator allows you to direct the 10 delectable modes of vibration wherever you please.

The selection of 6 speeds and patterns offers plenty of exciting stimulation options to caress your clitoris and other sensitive spots. You can even take it into the bath or shower for aquatic play options.

Introduce the mini massage vibrator to foreplay or sensual massages with your partner as an exciting prelude to sex, focusing the vibrations on the clitoris and other sensitive areas.

Complete with a pretty storage back and included battery, this is the perfect travel companion for those who want to keep their pleasure a naughty little secret...
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