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Natural Oil-Based Lubricant

Natural Oil-Based Lubricant


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Spunk Natural Oil Based Lubricant seals in moisture for sublime natural personal lubrication. A blend of virgin coconut and organic avocado oils, it feels sensational on your skin.
  • Glycerin-Free
  • Paraben- Free
  • Silicone-Free
  • Oil-Based
  • Edible
  • U.S. FDA Approved


Brand Spunk
Flavor Non-Flavored
Volume 118ml



Spunk Natural Lube is a unique blend of edible, virgin coconut oil and organic avocado oil that locks in moisture for amazing natural personal lubrication. This natural lubricant is free from silicone, glycerin & parabens. It's chemical free and feels wonderful on your skin. Protein rich and high in vitamin A, D & E, Spunk is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It's vegan friendly & safe to use with most sex toys as well as polyurethane, nitrile, polyisoprene & CF2 protection.

The edible formula made from the organic oils of coconut and avocado offers long staying power. Spunk Natural Lubricant is designed for a naturally delicate feel. Spunk produces lubricants that are known to increase the sensation of sex and intensify pleasure.

Spunk Lube is perfect for all sexual activity and can be used with sex toys made of silicone, metal, glass or other hard materials.

To clean Spunk Lube Natural off fabric, just run the fabric under cold water then pretreat the stain with liquid dish detergent & gently rub it in. You can also use a laundry stain remover or anything that breaks down or cleans oil as both ingredients are oil-based.

Ingredients: Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.
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