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Nea 2 by Lelo

Nea 2 by Lelo


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Combining beauty and strength, NEA 2 is the handheld vibrator that proves how pretty power can be. Its gentle curves are LELO's revolutionary design that offers both broad and pinpoint stimulation during solo and partnered play, yet NEA 2's vibrations are stronger than any other massager of its size.
  • Features an Intricate Floral Detailing That Enhances Your Sensual Experience
  • Use the Silky Surface to Stimulate Both Your and Your Partners' Erogenous Zones
  • Explore a Wide Range of Sensations, and Take Your Pleasure Anywhere You Wish
  • 8 Ultra-Powerful Vibration Settings
  • Adjustable Strength Allow you to Find the Perfect Sensation
  • Made for Long Term Satisfaction
  • The Highest Standard of Safety and Construction
  • Fits Your Body Like a Glove
  • Perfect for the Bath and Shower


Brand Lelo
Color Black, Blue, Deep Rose
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 2.9"
Width 1.4"



Make a secret pact with your partner and allow the beautiful NEA 2 mini vibrating massager to open new doors of sensuality in your relationship. With the petite design and detailed floral imagery, NEA 2 is a multisensory pleasure device that never disappoints. Yet, if you prefer to play solo, you'll still get to reap its pleasure powers to your advantage.

Beautiful to behold, beautiful to be held, NEA 2 is exquisite both solo or shared, with its discreet design perfect for nestling between partners, while strong vibrations and intricate floral detailing enhance your sensual experience. 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with eight stimulation patterns - NEA 2 places powerful pleasure in the palm of your hand.

Perfect for external stimulation solo or nestled between your body during lovemaking. With twice the power, which can be explored for a wide or diffused feel, NEA 2 stays quiet for enjoyment you can take anywhere.

Put fun at your fingertips with new feminine floral designs and a compact size. Delivers 4 hours of satisfying pleasure on a single 2 hour charge, and fully submersible for the bath or shower. Find your favorite setting, from a whisper to a satisfying pulse.
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