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Rosy Gold

Nouveau Mini Curve Massager

Nouveau Mini Curve Massager


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A massager is usually heavy, but this mini massager offers you the same pleasure with a smaller size. The vibrating head has 10 vibration functions with which you can stimulate all parts of your body.
  • Chic Design with Rose Gold Finish
  • Designed with a Flexible Head
  • 10 Pulsating Vibration Modes
  • Multi-Speed
  • Multi-Vibration
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Waterproof


Brand Rosy Gold
Color Black, Rose Gold
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 8.2"
Width 1.6"



A wand vibrator is often too big or too heavy during use. The Rosy Gold Curve Massager offers the same stimulation as a large wand vibrator, but has a practical size. The soft head, the 10 vibration settings and the rechargeable battery make the Rosy Gold Curve Vibrator even more attractive. It is easy to use thanks to the button on the bottom of the vibrator. The Curve Vibrator has an ergonomic design, so it provides a good grip and effortlessly reaches every spot on your body.

Spoil your sensitive spots with the Rosy Gold Curve Massager. Made from silicone ABS, it has the gentlest surface that's safe to use for all skin types. Aside from the sleek surface, this sex toy also comes with a flexible head, allowing you to be creative and stimulate your intimate parts with ease. It's also aesthetically pleasing, durable, and has powerful vibrations. Not only that, but this chic wand massager is waterproof, so bringing it to the shower is easy-peasy!

The Rosy Gold Curve Massager is a rechargeable love toy. Charge it before using. Get yourself in the mood by dimming the light, playing sexy music, or wearing lingerie. Turn on the love toy by clicking on the power button. You can run the massager all over your sensitive parts, such as your nipples, neck, feet, anus, and back. The best way to use it is by pointing the head towards your clitoris and switching through the different vibrations. Experiment with each vibration and find your favorite setting. You can also use a water-based lube to amp up the sensations. Enjoy the pulsating pleasure!
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