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Party Favors Masquerade Glasses

Party Favors Masquerade Glasses


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These outrageous novelty sunglasses are perfect for a naughty bachelorette party! Get a pair for the party to wear at a designation bachelorette or pool party. They'll be sure to stand out in the crowd!
  • Fashion Statement Unlike Any Other
  • Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, theme parties


Brand Pipedream
Color Pink



If you're on your last night out and trying to hide your identity, then these are the glasses for you. Perfect for a causing mischief these glasses will ensure that while you're on a ladies night out, that you're undercover. No-ones going to recognise you with these things on, just be sure not to take them off. Especially don't take them off when you're making out with a random on the dance floor and you don't want anyone to know.

These hilarious Pecker Party glasses are the must have accessory for your next Bachelorette Party. Show the whole party what is on your mind and let them know this bride to be is a wild one! With our famous Cheers Bitches slogan printed on each set of eyeglasses, your friends will be ready to party hardy in no time! Just wait and see how many guys will buy you drinks! Guaranteed to make them laugh! Perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, theme parties and so much more!

Make the girls last night out an unforgettable one with these hilarious Bachelorette party favors. Pipedream designs, creates, and innovates the best novelties and party gifts in the world.
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