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Pohiya Waist Trainer

Pohiya Waist Trainer


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Pohiya Waist Trainer's polyester waist cincher combines function and beauty into one. This waist trainer favorite offers firm compression while molding to the shape of your body over time.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


Firm and flatten your midriff with the help of these incredibly comfortable and helpful waist trainers. This slimming thermal product helps reduce the waistline by cinching the waist for at least eight hours each day. If you're diligent about wearing training corsets, you can see as much as four inches disappear from your waistline in just one month.

Pohiya Waist Trainer is the classic waist cincher for the woman who wants to instantly transform her waist and abdomen, removing inches with the compression offered by a high quality girdle.

In addition to sculpting your body, this polyester waist cincher also improves your posture, supporting your spine and alleviating any aches and pains. It comes up to just under the breast, so you can continue to wear the bras you prefer.

Unlike most other shapewear which only smooth your lumps and bumps, Pohiya Waist Trainer's waist cincher redefines your waistline, giving you a fabulous hourglass figure instantly.

This waist trainer is designed to support without sacrificing comfort allowing you to wear it as often as you like while enjoying the more flattering figure it provides.


Chest 26"
Waist 22"
Length 20"
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