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Prince Intimate Massager

Prince Intimate Massager


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The 10 Function Prince Vibrator is a generously sized premium quality silicone massager. It is soft, sleek, and smooth with unique pleasure shapes. It features 10 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation.
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Quick Switch Off
  • Special Curve
  • Multi-Speed


Brand OEM
Color Black, Rose, White
Material ABS, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 7"
Width 1.5"



Tall, dark and handsome, The Prince Intimate Massager is designed to give you the royal treatment! This massager has two points of vibration: one at the contoured tip angled to stroke your special spot and again at the base, to double your pleasure. It is also guaranteed phthalate free! Charger and power cord included.

Wash thoroughly after each use with liquid antibacterial soap and water. Wipe dry with a clean soft cotton towel. Air dry completely.

  • Unlock: press and hold the buttons + and - simultaneously for 5 seconds until that is blinking.
  • Ignition / shutdown: press + to turn on, - to turn off.
  • Buttons up and down: the different modes of vibration (impulse).
  • Buttons + and -: click to change the speed of the vibrator.
Key Features:
  • Prince vaginal massage machine is designed to be classy and is a very versatile sex toy.
  • Has a 30-degree curved design, multi-point stimulation, regardless of G point, A point, U point in the vagina makes her extremely happy.
  • You can hold the massager to place it into the vagina, anus, 2 breasts, or simply use it to massage points on the body such as: neck, shoulder, nape
  • The whole machine is covered with smooth, quiet silicone
  • 15 vibration modes, each vibration mode can increase or decrease the intensity (vibration speed) according to preference to quickly reach orgasm
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