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Rechargeable Breast Enlarger

Rechargeable Breast Enlarger


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The benefits of this breast product can accumulate blood, activate cell renewal, restore skin elasticity, and prevent breast sagging and deformation. Ideal for postpartum women or women with sagging and deformed breasts.
  • Powerful Suction Action for New Sensations
  • Made of Non-Toxic Silicone Material
  • Multi-Speed Vibrating Breast Enhancer
  • Increase the Chest Muscle Movement and Promote Blood Circulation


Brand OEM
Color Black, Clear
Material Glass, Silicone
Battery Rechargeable
Length 8.6"
Width 5.9"



Powerful suction action for new sensations, Made of non-toxic silicone material, Multi-speed vibrating breast enhancer, Powerful suction design. With the push of a button, the powerful motor creates a gentle suction action, making your breasts quickly swell in size as your nipples perk with pleasure!

The easy to use pumper has an air release button on it. So when you reach your desired pressure you can easily release the suction! Increase the chest muscle movement and promote blood circulation. Will admirably improve women's breast standing and enhancement.
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