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Screaming O

Screaming O OYeah! Erection Ring

Screaming O OYeah! Erection Ring


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The Oyeah vibrating penis ring by Screaming O sits on the base of hubby's penis, and its long powerful vibrator stimulates her clitoris during sex. Its long stimulator is covered with tiny ticklers that easily reach her clitoris for maximum stimulation.
  • Unique Vertical Vibrator for Ultimate Clitoral Contact
  • Vibrating Ring with Super-Powered Bullet
  • Stretchy, Comfortable Ring
  • Removable Bullet for Multipurpose Fun
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Multi-Speed
  • Waterproof


Brand Screaming O
Color Blue, Clear, Purple
Material Silicone, TPE
Battery AG10



The Oyeah vibrating ring features a super-powered bullet mounted vertically for ultimate clitoral contact. With extended pleasure ticklers for enhanced sensations and a stretchy, comfortable band, the Oyeah gives couples the ultimate intimate experience for mutual satisfaction.

It comes ready for action with batteries already installed. Turn the powerful vibrator on and let its vibrations send you over the roof.

The Oyeah Vibrating Cock Ring can be used as a great Christian intimacy sexual aid by stimulating her clitoris with powerful vibrations during intercourse. Apply water-based lube to its inner ring and around the base of hubby's penis so that it fits comfortably. Stretch the ring and lower it onto the base of his penis with the vibrator facing up towards his stomach for missionary-style sex positions. Turn the vibrator down near his testicles during doggy-style sex positions. Its tight band holds firmly but comfortably around his penis, helping him keep a firmer and thicker erection.

Make sure your Oyeah and all of your other marital aids have a long, productive life by cleaning them after every use. We highly recommend using antibacterial cleaner or warm water and soap to clean your toys and let them air-dry overnight.
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