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Screaming O

Screaming O The Big O 2

Screaming O The Big O 2


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The Big O 2 double vibrating erection ring helps couples discover the answer to the elusive simultaneous orgasm with two separate motors uniquely styled for intense stimulation for both partners.
  • Batteries Included
  • Multi-Speed
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in Assorted Color


Brand Screaming O
Color Blue, Purple
Material Silicone, TPE
Battery AG10
Length 6.5"
Width 3.7"



The Screaming O has discovered the answer to the elusive simultaneous orgasm with the BigO 2, an upgrade from the popular BigO cockring with a special 90-degree twist that gives her better clitoral contact while he rides the tingling vibrating waves from his own personal stimulator. Unlike most vibrating erection rings on the market, the BigO 2's top clitoral stimulator was thoughtfully designed vertically, offering the strongest and most direct clitoral stimulation she can find. And with two vibration options - 9 stages to tease or a steady vibe to please. she'll experience pleasure unlike anything she's ever felt. The Screaming O lets couples 'O' 2-gether with the BigO 2, the dual vibrating ring with a special twist shows couples the ultimate way to tango 2-gether.

Simultaneous Stimulation: Dual Motors Bring Couples 2 Gether. The BigO 2 has two strategically placed motors - one just for her and one just for him, that vibrate separately to give each partner exactly what he/she needs to achieve the Big O 2gether!

For Her: Unique Vertical Top Bullet Stimulator for Better Clitoral Contact . The BigO 2 features a strategically positioned vertical clitoral vibrator made to stimulate the clitoris like no other horizontal vibrating unit can! For Her: Multifunction Steady or 9 Stage "Tease and Please" Mode. The BigO 2 features both a steady vibrating and 9stage pulsating clitoral motor, letting her decide when she wants to be teased and when she's ready to go all the way.

For Him: Strong and Steady Vibration Mode. A separate bottom mini stimulator for him offers a steady vibration that gives him a chance to feel what all the screaming is about! Features One-Size-Fits-All Erection Band to Stay Harder Longer. The thicker silicone band fits members of all sizes and comfortably keeps your erection harder, stiffer and stronger. You'll be the gift the keeps on giving. Incredible Super-Powered Motors Keep Up the Pace. Each micro motor packs a powerful vibration strong enough to bring both partners to a Screaming O every time. Reusable With Replaceable Batteries that Last 60+ Minutes Each. The BigO 2 is made of sturdy silicone and features replaceable batteries that keep each motor buzzing for more than 60 minutes, this sex toy is made to last, even when used in water!
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