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Sportsheets International Inc.

Sex & Mischief Masquerade Mask

Sex & Mischief Masquerade Mask


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Whether you take on the characters of Ana and Christian or simply let your characters develop as play progresses, the obscurement of your normal identity will create a whole new level of sexual excitement in the bedroom. Perfect for role play or fancy dress.
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Sexy
  • Glamourous


Brand Sportsheets International Inc.
Color Gray
Material Nylon, Polypropylene



Obscure your face from dark acts of disgrace...

Explore your favorite fetish fantasies with your identity obscured by donning this mysterious Grey Masquerade Mask. Discover taboo territory with your partner as you shed self-consciousness in favor of confidence. Just tie the satin ribbons around your head to assume the persona of whomever you wish as you eclipse your true personality behind this silvery facade.

Ideal for wearing as an accessory to role play, these embellished Fifty Shades of Grey masks are both erotic and stylish. Tie the luxurious lengths of satin ribbon to secure your chosen mask around your head and let the role play begin.
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