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Sportsheets International Inc.

Sex & Mischief Rubber Tickler

Sex & Mischief Rubber Tickler


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This Rubber Tickler gives the gift of tactile attention. She's be all over you! It tickles and stings your partner with 7 inches of high quality rubber strands. It hurts good!
  • Give The Gift Of Tactile Attention
  • High Quality Rubber Strands
  • Easy to Clean


Brand Sportsheets International Inc.
Color Black, Pink, Purple, Red
Material Rubber
Length 18"
Width 0.5"



A tickle of red to get all hands on the bed

Whether you're caressing to tickle or bumping up the intensity for a sharp sting, these high quality strands are sure to satisfy your lover's urge for tactile attention. Seven inches of whipping wonder are at your disposal in a brilliant hue to compliment your favorite tools, toys, and costumes. Take hold of the long handle and get to work!

Best enjoyed with a blindfold as a prelude to more intense stimulation, tickler can be enjoyed as part of bedroom bondage or to simply excite your lover before play.
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