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Silicone Support Rings

Silicone Support Rings


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A Toy for Men that has been around since that dawn of manhood, wearing one surely makes one cock bulgy and veiny like never before. And with a collection of three sizes Medium, Large to Extra Large that will truly fit most men. 100% Silicone designed to stretch while grasping your cock painlessly. Prepare for a sex war and use a cock ring like a bullet the pierces all woman's armor.
  • Designed to Enhance Intimacy and Pleasure
  • Durably Made and Offers the Ultimate in Sensual Comfort
  • Made for Pleasure and Safety
  • Stretchy
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Waterproof


Brand Calexotics
Color Clear
Material Silicone



Elevate your seduction performance and intimate encounters with the Silicone Support Rings. The durable, stretchy erection enhancers are easy to use, comfortable to wear and perfect for self-gratification pleasure and exotic couple's fun. The multi-purpose adornment rings are the perfect accessory for exploring your secret erotic fantasies and wild desires.

The comfortable enhancers are made from unscented 100% pure silicone and are supplied in a set of three. The medium, large and generous extra large cock rings are designed for erection stimulation and stamina maintenance. The pliable, sleek and smooth rings comfortably slip onto the erect penis for arousal and stimulation support, during intimate solo exploration and intimate couple's pleasure. To increase sensitivity and to maximize and heighten the ecstasy, it is recommended that you always use a quality lube with this erection keeper toy.

Perfect for discreet performance maintenance, the enhancer set are great for spontaneous play, and are ideal for first-time and experienced users. The individual enhancer rings can be used alongside your favorite vibrating stimulator toys for extended enjoyment. Slip on your preferred stretchy ring size and prepare to indulge in endless tantalizing explosions. Before and after every use, clean the premium quality silicone adornment rings with a toy cleaner spray, or wash in warm, soapy water.

Extra Large Ring Diameter 2in / 5cm
Large Ring Diameter 1.5in / 3.75cm
Medium Ring Diameter 1.25in / 3.25cm
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