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The Mistress Manual

The Mistress Manual


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Packed with great ideas, from how to carry yourself as a dominant to scenes to do with your submissive . . . enticing, charming and very very thorough.
  • The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance
  • Paperback, 171 Pages


In 1994, "The Mistress Manual" was born as a simple pink guidebook self-published by a long-term and experienced dominant woman. She moved on to other efforts, and the book fell out of print -- much to the disappointment of thousands of eager and hopeful submissive men and dominant women. Now, Greenery Press has brought this underground classic back to life in an updated second edition. The perfect reading for the woman or man who has completed "Sexually Dominant Woman" and is looking for more information, "The Mistress Manual" covers everything from establishing your authority to exerting discipline.

About the Author

Mistress Lorelei Powers, a polyamorous bisexual Domme with an occasional masochistic streak - a sexual and social identity that could be a full-time job if she weren't overscheduled already. When she isn't busy beating someone, she is professional writer and editor. She has two cats, ten thousand books, and not nearly enough time to do what she like.
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