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Little Genie

Tight AF- Vaginal Tightener

Tight AF- Vaginal Tightener


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Tighten Up For More Intense, Satisfying Sex! Boost your tightness and add extra boom-boom to your bedroom with just a dab of this vaginal tightening cream!
  • Stimulation Intensifier
  • Increases Libido for Men/Women
  • Specially Formulated to Increase Sensitivity and Enjoyment
  • Enhances Sexual Play for You and Your Lover
  • Increase Your Sexual Pleasure
  • U.S. FDA Approved



Brand Little Genie
Flavor Non-Flavored
Volume 43ml



Feel young again! Tight AF vaginal tightening cream will make you feel more confident. Increase pleasure for you & your lover. For a perfect fit use Tight AF!

Enhance your sexual experience with Tight AF vaginal tightener. This specially formulated product will increase sensitivity and enjoyment for an amazing sexual experience. Surprise him tonight Tight AF and he will happy AF!

Tight AF Vaginal Tightener For Her's formula works fast to boost blood flow to your vagina. This increases your natural sensitivity and makes you feel plumper and tighter - so it'll feel just like the first time. You'll love the increased sensations, and your lover will, too.

Just apply a dab of the cream with a fingertip to your vaginal walls and opening a few minutes before sex. Tight AF Vaginal Tightener is smooth and a pleasure to apply, so it's fun to make putting it on a part of your foreplay. It also contains moisturizing aloe vera for extra comfort. Make sure to take your time when rubbing it in for maximum effect and pleasure.

Tight AF Vaginal Tightener comes in an easy to carry 1.5oz tube that contains dozens of applications. Tuck it into a pocket or purse and be ready for wild fun on the go.

Not for use during pregnancy

Ingredients: Glycerin, PEG-32, PEG-8, Aloe Vera, Methylparaben, Potassium Alum, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium Citrate
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