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Tri-Squeeze 3-Ring Ball Stretching Sling

Tri-Squeeze 3-Ring Ball Stretching Sling


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Tri-Squeeze is based on our best selling Tri-Sport but with more bulge enhancing ball-stretching. The extended length is shaped for long-wear comfort with extra squeeze in the middle where you want it. You can rotate Tri-Squeeze to adjust how it fits you; each opening is a slightly different size.
  • Made of Plus+ Trademark Silicone
  • Versatile and Can Be Worn in Any Direction
  • Modeled After the Traditional 3-Ring Steel Cage
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Latex-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Made in USA


Brand Oxballs
Color Black, Blue
Material Silicone
Length 2.5"
Width 2.2"



TriI-Squeeze Cock Sling Ball Stretcher Silicone TPR Blend from Oxballs is everything you love about the TriI-Sport cock sling but with a built in ball stretcher at the base. It beefs up your bulge while stretching your sweaty sack. Just like Tri-Sport, Tri-Squeeze is modeled after traditional steel 3 ring cock cage but without all the discomfort and rigid material, no worrying about pinching metals or trying to wrestle a ragin boner into a too tight contraption.

Tri-Squeezes unique design and shape make it one of our most versatile slings. Each ring is a slightly different size so you can choose how you wear it. Wear the ball stretcher side facing you, it will push your cock and balls up and out for a bulge that is perfect for filling out a jockstrap or some ass hugging gear. The outwards facing stretcher also doubles as a bumper to add some cushion when you are really pushing and your meats too long.

Stats approximate height 2.5 inches, width 2.25 inches. Cock Ball opening circumferences, stretches to fit your meat 1.25 inches, 1 inch, .90 inch. Ball stretcher length 1.25 inches. Weight 3 ounces.
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