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Vest Charmian Latex Waist Training Corset

Vest Charmian Latex Waist Training Corset


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Flaunt your curves in this sexy Vest Charmian Latex Waist Training Corset. The button hook on the corset is perfect to make sure that you can easily get into the outfit.
  • Square Neckline
  • Tank Straps
  • Hook-Eye Front Closures


Brand Serena
Color Black, Blue, Pink, Purple
Material Latex
Size Medium, Small



Flaunt your curves in this sexy Vest Charmian Latex Waist Training Corset. Helps to lift the bust with the added benefit of allowing you to wear your own Bra.

Our Ultra compression vest is great for enhancing your workouts or postpartum tummy control, and post surgical molding. Reduces waist 2 inches in just one use! Featuring 3 rows of hook and eye closure, you get to choose the level of compression you want. Reinforced with 9 steel bones to help correct your posture. Provides enhanced coverage in the back to eliminate back fat. Our corsets are perfect for everyday use.

Never wash your corset. While stains can be spot cleaned, immersion in water will provoke rusting of the metal stays. Dry Clean only, preferably by hand, if that service is available.

After each wearing, air your corset by hanging it over a door or chair back. Use a lightly damp cloth to clean the lining, thereby keeping it smelling fresh and reducing the need for dry cleaning.

Never let anyone but YOU wear your corset. Your corset takes your shape and causes undue stress when worn by another.

Never attempt to remove the corset without loosening the laces. To do so may actually break the corset's busk and often bends the fastening hardware.

Do not wrap any excess lacing around the corset before tying off, as this can cause damage to the corset fabric during wear.

Respect your corset and it will last a long, long time!


Size Small Medium
Chest 26 31
Waist 28 29
Length 22 22
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