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Wild Animal Fur Tail Butt Plug

Wild Animal Fur Tail Butt Plug


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This plug's fine, rounded tip is designed to offer smooth, highly pleasuring glide into your curves, while at the same time soft and elastic silicon allows you complete freedom of movement.
  • Latex-Free
  • Phthalate-Free


Brand OEM
Color Black
Material TPE, TPR
Length 20"
Insertable Length 4"
Width 1.5"



Become the perfect pet for your partner! Let out the wild animal within with this not-quite white tail plug. You will love the soft, sensual sensation of the tail as it brushes against the backs of your legs, and your lover will be turned on as you crawl around at their feet.

This Wild Animal Fur Tail Butt Plug is the perfect plaything for those who have a fur fetish/fur fantasy. Add extra stimulation and new sensations to your solo or partnered erotic play, and/or use it for your everyday self-expression. Celebrate your culture; it's perfect for private parties or public conventions!

Moreover, the silky tale is made to add orgasmic sensation to your erotic cosplay. Adequate for beginners and more experienced users alike.

This animal tail has a unique natural swish to its movement when it brushes against your skin. You will be absolutely enamored with how sturdy it is and wild it makes you feel!

Please note that every fox fur tail is a unique piece of nature, and as such, the colors and patterns will vary slightly from piece to piece.

Made of TPR, this plug is not so hard, making your anal comfortable.
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