Hott Products offers a wide array of both Adult and Mainstream products headquartered in Chatsworth CA.

Hottproducts was founded in Los Angeles CA 2000. It is now headquartered in Chatsworth CA. Moris Abdelsayed & Chris Post CEO & VP and both are still at the helm. Our goal is and was to invigorate the marketplace with fresh innovative products, along with Wal-Mart style pricing! We have grown consistently each year with a wide range of 'Hot Selling Items' one of which appeared on the 'Tonight Show' with 'Jay Leno' We have also continued to grow in size and staff, and have recently moved into a brand new 15,000 Square Foot Facility.

We offer a wide array of both 'Adult' and Mainstream products, some of which can "cross-over" into the drug store chains, such as Walgreens & Rite Aid, which are also some of our future potential conquests. We offer innovative fresh ideas, along with bright fun and colorful 'Couple Oriented' packaging. Every product is labored over, with hours of thought put into each design!

Retailers and Buyers can purchase Hottproducts goods via the Internet, a printed catalog and telephone. We sell mostly to distributors and large chain stores, but some 'grand fathered' well-established smaller chain stores as well. However when considering your purchase of any product, you would be wise to see if  Hottproducts offers it first, since you will definitely save money in your purchase. We also offer a more attractive 'saleable' item in terms of packaging for your potential end customers

We have received numerous trophies that were awarded to us from some of our large customers for strong retail sales, and the futures keeps getting brighter even in this sagging economy.