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Hott Products

Pierced Tongue Pleasure Ring

Pierced Tongue Pleasure Ring


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The Pierced Tongue Pleasure Ring is a fun way to have fun with rings. Get harder and stay firmer longer!
  • Soft Texture
  • Multi-Speed
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Waterproof
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • Snug and Gentle Gel Ring
  • One Size Fits All


Brand Hott Products
Color Purple
Material TPR
Battery LR44
Length 3"
Width 1.5"



Featuring a replaceable bullet for the vibrating source, this ring has more than that in mind: as named, it has a tongue sticking out with a soft "piercing" to promote a unique stimulation of the clitoris. This Pleasure Ring is fun for both!

One size fits all Merely place the pliable ring at the base of the penis, turn on the switch, and let the sensual and titillating vibrations boost you and your partner into erotic euphoria! experience to new heights. XTREME VIBE- Tongue Collection Please & Tease your partner into "Erotic Bliss" with the Xtreme Vibe Pleasure Ring Collection.

Made of super soft sensuous phthalate free silicone. Waterproof for fun in and out of the water. Powerful motor provides to 40 minutes of vibrating pleasure. Pamper your lover into an "Erotic Frenzy!" One size fits all. FREE batteries are included.
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